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Alejandro Corzo Events
What I Do

What Does an Event Manager Do?

As an event manager I am in charge of planning, organising, and executing all types and sizes of events, like medical congresses, business meetings, conventions, weddings, premiers, corporate events, private and company parties…

I meet with clients to assess their needs and determine the purpose of the event.
After setting an objective, I meet with organisers, vendors, and other event specialists to develop an agenda.
As an event manager, I hire and supervise staff not only to check if everything is going well, but if it's going perfectly! Reserve a venue, arrange catering services, transfers… and set up other accommodations for the event. I monitor the event while it's taking place and resolve issues on site as they arise, as I always say “problems are not real problems if you provide the solution fast”.
In order to work efficiently I need to be detail-oriented and have the ability to work well within deadline restrictions. Because this job entails working closely with cast, crew, outside vendors and sponsors.
My main responsibilities include:
  • Development, production and delivery of projects from proposal right up to delivery.
  • Setting, communicating and maintaining timelines and priorities on every project.
  • Communicating, maintaining and developing client relationships.
  • Managing supplier relationships.
  • Managing operational terms to ensure specific projects are delivered efficiently.
  • Providing leadership, motivation, direction and support to the team.
  • Travelling to on site inspections and project managing events.
  • Being responsible for all project budgets from start to finish.

Alejandro Corzo Events

Feel free to browse my gallery of past events, below.
Alejandro Corzo Events

What people say?

Para mi y todo el equipo de Meridiana ha sido un absoluto placer trabajar con Alejandro. Ha sido un empleado querido, por su trato, por su sonrisa eterna, por su calma y serenidad en momentos difíciles, por su proactividad y gran esfuerzo en los momentos en los que había que arrimar el hombro, en definitiva, lo echaremos mucho de menos. Espero de corazón que esta elección y nuevo camino engrandezca personal y profesionalmente la gran persona que ya es hoy.

Isabel Rodríguez Llanes, CEO en Meridiana Talent for Events
Alejandro Corzo Events

What people say?

Alejandro's strong interpersonal and leadership skills make of him a great mentor and co-worker. He gives his 100% in everything he does, always playing a key role and inspiring the rest of the team. Among his many qualities as an events manager and supervisor, I would highlight his personal implication in every single detail of the event, his restless spirit of achievement, and his ability to provide quick and effective solutions. Alejandro is a safe bet, genuinely committed to his work and the success of the events he takes part in - and he never loses his smile along the way!

Paula Villanueva, Project Manager en MERIDIANA AZAFATAS
Alejandro Corzo Events

What people say?

Alejandro posee excelentes dotes de comunicación y
empaliza perfectamente con el cliente, se ha mostrado
siempre como una extensión de nuestro propio equipo.

Elena Carretero Díaz , Head of Events & DMC at AIM Group International
Alejandro Corzo Events

What people say?

Alejandro es una persona que toda empresa y evento necesita. Dejar en sus manos unos objetivos a cumplir y despreocuparte al 100% no es tarea fácil con otros event planners, pero si con él. Siempre he estado tranquila sabiendo que Alejandro logrará que todo esté perfecto, y para mi esto no tiene precio. Desde Miraur Dermocosmetics siempre confiamos en él para todos nuestros eventos europeos.

Patricia Casal , Communication Department at Miraur Dermocosmetics
Alejandro Corzo Events

What people say?

Alejandro es un excelente profesional que se toma
muy en serio su trabajo y hace que todo el equipo se sienta encantado de colaborar con el.
Es todo un placer trabajar juntos.

Sara Ruesga, LACA Y TIJERAS en Cosmopolitan TV
Alejandro Corzo Events

What people say?

Working with Alejandro is always a pleasure.
You can really feel the passion he has for his job. He is a great professional looking always for the best solution even in more difficult situations.
As a plus always with a big smile!

Kristina Wandler, Freelance Event Manager
Alejandro Corzo Events

What people say?

It was an honor to work with Alejandro, his a natural leader with the best attitude. Knows how to lead a team and also always know to prepare for the unexpected. His a fast learner and very intelligent. Reliable and ready for anything. Our clients and personal were always happy to work with him and always had nothing but great words about him. He would be a great addition to any company.

Frederick Valentin, Producer, Staff Coordinator and Event Coordinator Assist.
Alejandro Corzo Events

What people say?

Alejandro es un gran compañero y gran profesional.
Su resolutividad y autonomía hace que crezca en cada uno de los eventos que realiza.
Buen líder y coordinador en eventos y congresos con un volumen de azafatas elevado aportando profesionalidad y buen hacer a todos los equipos que ha gestionado.

Angela Olmo Perez, Senior Project Manager en Meridiana Talent for Events
Alejandro Corzo Events

What people say?

Alejandro has great interpersonal skills. He understands exactly what the client needs and always find ways to fulfill those needs. In addition to that he manages his team perfectly and communicate effectively: he is a definitely a Leader! I have been impressed by his flexibility to take all our changes in stride and work accordingly. Always smiling, Alejandro is full of energy and passion. He jumps into your event with enthusiasm and professionalism! I strongly recommend him as a great project manager!

Marjorie Astruc, Freelance Trilingual Meetings and Events Manager
Alejandro Corzo Events

What people say?

Alejandro es una persona de presencia y actitud impecable. Un gran profesional, eficaz, creativo y sereno.
Aptitudes esenciales para nuestro trabajo.
Una garantía para nuestros eventos.

Paula de Sebastian Garcia-Sicilia, Project Manager en TILESA KENES SPAIN
Alejandro Corzo Events

What people say?

Alejandro se preocupa de que todo salga perfecto en cada evento, siempre está atento a todos los detalles.
Es un excelente coordinador que cuida a su equipo para que cada persona esté cómoda en el trabajo y pueda desarrollar sus tareas satisfactoriamente y realmente a gusto.

Diana Martínez, Trabajadora Social en CAIS / Colaboradora Redactora y Locutora en REE

Alejandro Corzo Events
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